Friday, April 23, 2010

The Elusive SS

I am growing to be ever more thankful for my Corporation each day and week I get to play EVE. Why? Because they have the fortitude to take on noobs such as myself, hold us by the hand, and show us the most basic of maneuvers that I never, ever, ever, in a million years would have thought of.

From basic ship fitting, to salvaging / mining, to making bookmarks, aligning, etc. They are so intensive about spending time with the Rookies, that they even have something put together that is an 8 week long training process, covering the most basic aspects of the game, to PVP games & beyond, etc.

I just finished up with "Week 2" training last night, and let me tell you... safe spots are fucking cool. In theory. Too bad I still suck ass at judging when to actually create the bookmark in the middle of a warp.

The conversation went something like this:

Trainer: Ok, to make a SS for yourself, you will create a bookmark about
halfway through your warp. You will want to have your bookmark window open and
ready to go. Remember, halfway, and the bookmark is not completed until you
click on 'Ok'. Just hit F10 to see the halfway mark on the map.

Me: Ok! I'm ready to go!!

Rookie 1: x

Rookie 2: x

*Trainer starts the fleet warp*

Rookie 1: Sweet, got it!

Rookie 2: Cool!

Trainer: Ok! Now that you all have your SS, warp back to it, let's see how
close you came.

Me: Shit... I didn't know we were warping yet...I was still trying to
figure out how to read the map... I missed it. I can't warp to my SS, I can only
approach it. *sigh* How do you tell what the halfway point is during the


Yeah. It is really awesome in theory, and I'm glad that I have learned about this little trick. Too bad I can't seem to do something so simple as create a bookmark halfway through a warp yet. And seriously? Kudos to my trainer last night who had the patience of a saint with me. Of course, it probably doesn't help that my Corp. discovered the fact that my boobs are real and I'm not some 'GIRL' behind the ship, but they're worth giving the benefit of the doubt to.

So if you see Sydnie James randomly warping around the fucking universe, now you'll know why.

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