Thursday, April 22, 2010

May as well...

Well, since I started this Blog for the sole purpose of replying to a cool contest hosted by CrazyKinux, I guess I might as well make use of it by throwing out my miscellaneous ramblings and thoughts on the game from a Rookie's perspective.

Let me start by saying that I am an EVE Rookie. Total noob. This hasn't deterred me from playing EVE at all, but there have been a few WTF moments. Ok, more than a few. For instance, it took me 3 weeks to figure out that there was an alternative to Auto Pilot. Yeaaaah.... you know? It's shit like that that would have been helpful at least two weeks ago.

Lately, it's faction. Faction faction faction. Let me just say, the grind from L1 missions to L2 have been grueling. PS: CCP? The pay is shit as well. A nice tutorial on doing these missions, and a guide on why you might want to look at picking a particular faction over another would be handy as well. I chose to do Ammatar Fleet missions. I'm a Minmatar. If I had known that Ammatars were betrayers of their own race, fighting against fellow Minmatar, I would never have chosen to go that route. I find it distasteful, but I like the Corp I found (or more to the point, the Corp that found me), and that's what they had me do. I like the Corp enough that I don't sweat it.

However, it's the little things that count.

PS: Can we get a fucking tutorial on how to read & use the in-game map? I'm kind of tired of staring at it like some drooling degenerate.


  1. The in game map is a bit of a nightmare I agree. I barely use it any more. Frankly its more useful as a statisitcal tool than a way of finding your way around.

    Far more useful are the maps provided by ombeve ( and dotlan (

    Remember as well that setting your destination don not necessarily mean that you have to use the autopilot. The next gate on your route is highlighted as yellow on your overview.

    If you know where you want to go (system name) simply type it in the chat, select it and right-click and then select auto-link from the right-click menu. this gives you a handy link which you can then right-click and set destination from. Clear the chat (select everything and delete, then hit enter) if you don't want to publish your destination to everyone in the channel.

    Welcome to EVE and the eve blogosphere, I've added your blog to the OPML update for May (released on the 20th) and will be following your exploits in game with interest.

    Fly safe

  2. *Straps on her helmet*

    Safe is a four letter word!

    But seriously, thanks for some amazing info, and the links as well. I think the only thing I figured out before your post here was the point about the route being highlighted in yellow, and I was only informed of that a few days ago. My God man, do you know how much time that would have saved me about 4 weeks ago?!

    Also, thanks for the add to the OPML update. I've always been a sporadic blogger, fanatic writer, avid reader and longtime wannabe EVE Player. They're meshing together quite nicely although it's always weird being the new kid on the blog.

    New friends are always welcome.